Are You Safe?

I'll have to be honest, the only security system I've had experience with is when I babysit at my son's and visitors have to buzz the apartment to be let in. However, that isn't really very safe when residents prop open the door while running things outside or if they are expecting someone to come over.

Everyone knows that having a security system is a visual deterrent to thieves. An audio burglar alarm oftentimes causes thieves to flee. A notification to you and to the alarm company that a breech has occurred is excellent, plus just the peace of mind that you are protected is a plus.

There are many needs for having security systems or business alarms. Some are fire safety, intrusion detection, conditions such as heat or flood conditions, and video surveillance. One of the many reasons for the importance of having a security system, to me, would be peace of mind for you and your family or business.

For myself, and my husband, I would choose to get a security system because of a threat we had to our family. There is a neighbor who lives about a half mile down the road who threatened to kill three members of our family. Although there is still a restraining order against her, how much security is that? Is it worth chancing the lives of our family? Since the order was in place, I've had two tires slashed (while my car was in my locked garage).

I hope this doesn't happen to you, remember to stay safe! Halfmoon