As you all know, yesterday was Thanksgiving and Steve and I are very thankful for the kids and grandkids that we have, our family and friends. Our immediate family had a get together at one of the Waukee indoor shelter houses. Thanks to Joshua for working for the City of Waukee, the fee was waived. Yeah!

Josh roasted a Turkey, as did Steve and I. I should clarify that. Abby came over and helped us get the stuffing made and also she did most of the work making a pumpkin pie. Little Mikayla was with her and we always love it when we can be around our grandkids.

Meanwhile, at Abby's, Justin made his bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and also brought little smokies wrapped in bacon both creations were covered with a barbecue sauce. Yum! Everyone loves them so much they were mostly eaten before the dinner even started.

Heather and Pato brought the fruit salad (I'm told Pato did all the cutting and that he is very fast at it). That is such a relief to me, because it usually takes us a long time to make it. Before the turkey was done Josh called and mentioned that Shelley was bringing her famous cheesy potatoes and also mashed potatoes. Man, I got so excited that I didn't have to make instant spuds. One less thing for us to do and bring!!!!!

Shelley's dad brought pecan and pumpkin pies, and let me tell you, they were yummy! We brought our pumpkin pie, so that made three! There was a surplus of food for all to munch on. Of course we had the relish tray, too, and I didn't notice that I forgot to put the carrots on it until I was putting food away after it all was over. Oh, brother!

After everyone stuffed themselves, I was seriously thinking about trying out the best fat burner. Wouldn't you? Hope you had a yummy turkey day and that you were counting your blessing, too! Halfmoon