Time With Kat and Alyce

About two weeks ago Heather called and asked if we would consider taking Kat and Alyce home for a sleepover after Thanksgiving dinner. I was a little leery because the last time we did that, Alyce wanted her Mama. With trepidation, I agreed that my granddaughters could come spend the night.

Both girls were all smiles when we got to our turkey get together, especially Alyce. She has such a beautiful smile, it is hard to deny her anything. After packing the Vue up with leftovers (and the girls) we headed home.

Before long, they both were asleep. Doesn't take much for them, but the movement of riding in a car did it. After arriving home, Steve waited in the car with them while I went in and made up a bed for them on the couch. Then he got Kat out of the car and, of course, she woke up. (I was hoping she'd sleep through it.) Alyce barely stirred, but went right back to sleep once she was layed on the couch.

I wonder if Heather has term life insurance for her and Pato, yet? It sure would be a good idea. Halfmoon