Here I Go Again

We're at Dr. Holcomb's office (whom I've just seen) for a follow-up visit because I went to the ER Wednesday night. You won't believe what I did. I decided to try walking on the treadmill at the Y for the second day. Unfortunately, I had the speed up probably a little faster than I should have.

I remembered something I wanted to tell Steve (he was on the treadmill to the right of me). I tried to get his attention. He apparently didn't hear me so I leaned over towards him and said Steve a little louder. Apparently, my foot must have lifted up off the treadmill. The next thing I knew, I was doing the splits. Not something I would recommend.

Steve tried to keep me from hitting the floor, which didn't happen, but it did keep me from hitting it very hard. Of course, many people had to come over to see if I was hurt (talk about embarrassing), if I needed a wheelchair, or if I needed someone from Mercy Wellness called over.

Long story short, an ambulance was called and I was taken to the new Methodist hospital. After a few doses of Phenol (sp?), I finally got a little relief from the severe pain. I will say, I hurt soooo bad Wednesday after it happened, that even though I am still in pain, it is a great improvement.

I think I should have Steve take me to look at some home theater systems so I can sit back and relax and forget about the pain. What do you think? Hope you have a great day! Halfmoon