Splint Be Gone!

Steve took me to the surgeon last Wednesday to find out if I would need surgery on my arm or not. I saw a Dr. Shumway (never heard of him before the appointment was made). I actually was supposed to see a different specialist on Monday, but, their office called me and informed me that the doctor was ill, so they were rescheduling me to Wednesday with another specialist. Great, huh?

The doc came in, took off the splint, and sent me down to get the arm re-xrayed. Thankfully, that wasn't as painful as the first time xrays were taken! The good news is that surgery is not required.

What is really strange is a cast was not required either. Weird, huh? The whole thing scares me, as I'm terrified I'll do more damage to it by not having it protected by a cast. Anyway, now I'm only in the sling which is way more convenient (especially in the tub). I've talked to a few people who know someone else who didn't have a cast for an injury that used to require one.

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