I Love our New Door

After living here for 17 years with ugly back and screen doors (not just ugly but, dented and let air in), we finally went shopping for new ones. With getting credit for energy savers, we excitedly picked out the doors. Well, I was excited. Steve was probably thinking about making payments.

The screen door is neat, but the wooden door is the one that really makes me smile. It has blinds inside the glass. So I can have them open to let in the sun, or close them, when I'm cooking and the sun is blinding, which is so neat, I can hardly stand it. I know, you're probably thinking "How dumb is that?" I guess it doesn't take much to excite me.

When you shop for doors, there's not only a lot to choose from, but, the handlesets have a large variety, too. You want to make a wise choice, cause you may live with it for 17 years or more :)

Every time I look at the doors, I am thankful for them. There is no air coming in from the outside to escape into the room. I'm sure the same will be said when it's hot out and we have the air conditioner on....no cold air escaping outside!

Have you gotten anything new that you're excited about? Let me know about it.