Christmas Day

Since we had our get together with our immediate family on Christmas Eve, we were supposed to go to the Manning get together at 1:00 PM on Christmas Day. I was still nauseated, so I told Steve to go on without me.

He said they had a great time. His Mom loved all the gifts everyone gave her; but, especially loved the book I made of our family. He said she kept looking at it over and over with tears in her eyes. I wish I could have been there to see it. I'm really glad she liked it.

Steve forgot to bring home a dish of goodies, like he usually does when I'm not able to go to the gatherings. Drat it! I kept longing for Christmas cookies all day. Then when he came home without them, I was really bummed.

I got Steve a DVD/VCR that records for his birthday. We have tons of VHS movies that we no longer see because our VCR died. I couldn't decide between that or a laptop for him, so we'd each have one. I found a pretty good selection of clearance laptops to choose from. I decided on the DVD/VCR recorder and will get the laptop later.

When I went to get some turkey out for supper, I found that Steve had put all of it in the freezer in one gallon bag. Man! I decided to have a salad for supper instead. We'll have turkey and noodles another day.