The Trees Have Arrived

I sent a contribution to some save the trees place (?) can't remember the name, but it is to plant new trees whenever trees are cut (save the rain forest or something). Anyway, they send you some free trees as thanks for your contribution.

The trees arrived last Friday. Two days later Steve went out to plant them (is that what you call it when it's trees instead of plants?). He found the ground frozen after 1". I couldn't believe it. Why would you send the trees after the ground froze? Same thing with plants. Different company, I received bulbs the day after the trees came. Hello!!!!! Aren't you supposed to do this type of stuff in the fall?

Steve's outside trying to get holes dug for the trees. When you read about it, you think 10 trees, how neat. When you read the directions for planting, you think OMG 10 trees. I actually think they sent me 11, 10 cone bearing and one lilac tree.

This is our second day to have above 40 degree weather. Wonderful. Tomorrow or Saturday it is supposed to be snow or ice. Saturday we have a wedding reception to go to. I hope the forecast is off by a few hours. (Let it be after the drive home, please.)

Speaking of Steve, he's been trying to speed up our computers as they are still slow. We have a dish for internet connection, it should not be this slow. He did a step by step detail with the Wild Blue helpline and still it is slow. I wonder if he checked the vga cable? He knows so much more about computers than I do.

Poor guy, he's out there digging holes in frozen ground. He had the trees in a bucket of dirt in the garage, went to get them, even that dirt is frozen. Wonderful. I bet he won't feel like grilling steaks after this. :(

Here's hoping you'll have a great weekend!