5 Buttons to Go

Steve took me to the doctor Monday morning (neuro surgeon) re my neck. Bottom line is 90% of the people who have had surgery for neck pain, did not get good results. And it should not be causing the nausea I'm having. Well, great! Any more good news? He did say that I have four bone spurs, not one.

After that Steve drove to the Union Hall to sign up. Then we went to play for a while (if you know me, you know what that means). We left around 7:00 pm, went to Subway for supper and then back to the Des Moines area.

I have five presents to finish, but, all I have left on them is to sew on a button. Can't tell you what they are as this might be seen by some of the family/friends I'm making them for. Sue has probably guessed what I'm making, but that is OK.

I just finished wrapping Steve's birthday present in Christmas wrapping paper. Our paper is in the computer room closet and if I'd had to lean in any further to look for bday paper, I'd have fell in. He won't mind. I do have tape on it (all over it) that says "It's for you! Happy Birthday". One of those things on TV I bought that I rarely use.

I went to a fabric store for the buttons and they have things out already to have you thinking about Valentine's Day. I cannot believe how early stores start their holiday seasons. They were neat displays, though.

Feels great to have all the Christmas stuff done (for the most part). I'll sew the buttons on while I watch TV. Hope you're all ready for Christmas and don't forget that He's the reason for the season!


Junie Bee said...

Buttons? What color is my kitchen? do I have knobs on my cabinets? I think I figured it out too. LOL I am sorry the doctor isn't make things better. I hate watching you in the pain you are in. I love you!