The Little Dancer

Abby and Justin went to a wedding reception last night in Yale, Iowa. It was a wedding on Justin's side of the family. Quite a long drive for them with little Mikayla.

Abby called me this morning to tell me about the dance. At the last wedding, Steve and I were present and we saw first-hand how well Mikayla danced. She started out with sort of a slide to the left, where ever her little whim took her. Then she started going up to people she knew (I think) and grabbed their hands pulling them onto the dance floor. Upon which she'd let go and go off again on her own little dance.

Abby said at this reception she danced for a while, then she went up to two adults who were holding hands with two children. Mikayla grabbed their hands and danced in their circle with them. Next she danced with the little two year old, and finally with the older child (3 or 4?).

Off on her own again someone in the audience gave her a thumbs up! Of course she repeated that. She's so cute. Next she danced around the room giving everyone a thumbs up sign. What a hoot. I wished I'd been there to see it.

With all the signs of Christmas on commercials, I am reminded I need to check out the best christmas gifts for dad. Steve and I normally say we're not going to get each other a gift and then he usually goes behind my back and gets me something. Gotta love him.

After thinking about that, we have a wedding reception to go to next weekend. Steve's niece, Amanda, was married in Florida. They're having a reception in Waukee for those who were unable to get to Florida. Can't wait to see the little dancer perform again.

Do you have any cute stories about kids? Let me know, I'd enjoy reading them.