Birthday Time Again!

Today Maria Alyce Ayala is four years old! We call her Alyce (pronounced Alees), she was named after her Dad's Mother and her Mom's Grandmother (my Mom). She is a real sweetheart. Every time she sees me, she runs up and hugs me, looking up at me with a beautiful smile.

She sat next to me at Godfathers and told me, "My eyes are sparkling blue and yours are blue too!" I just love that little girl. She and her big sis, Katiana, spent the night at our house on Thanksgiving night. She thinks she could spend the night by herself next time.

Anyway, there were three jumbo pizzas, all the pop you want, and a wonderful cake with Dora and her friends on top. Yum! I just love that icing. Mikayla sat on my lap while cake was served. She's another sweetheart. Time is flying by so fast, my grandkids are growing up.

Jordan and Taylor, 11 and 12 respectively, are nearing their teens. Pretty soon they may be looking for the best acne treatments but, so far their skin is nice and smooth. The last choral concert we attended for Tay, I was hit with 'where did my little granddaughter go?' She (and her parents) lived with us till she turned one and now she's almost a teen. Wow!

Steve II wasn't able to come, but everyone else in the family was there. It was a lot of fun and of course there was all that yummy food. And I wonder why I can't loose weight. Steve and I are starting to eat fresh fruit and carrots more, better than more fattening stuff, right? Hope you had a great day!