I started having an itchy throat and lungs. It started Tuesday evening before Linda got here. By Friday, I was convinced I had bronchitis. I had an appointment for a recheck on blood work for my blood sugar level and cholesterol that day, so when I saw my doctor she concurred that is what I had and prescribed a Z-pak, a steroid, and medicine for thrush (which I always get when on steroids).

This is a week later and I feel better than last week; however, I am far from being well. Not seeing Aiden is killing me. It's been a week of days that I not only couldn't go see them, but didn't feel like going out. When I get better, and after I get my fill of Aiden and Mikayla, and helping Abby out, I may just surprise everybody and do something new.

I may ask Steve to check into Sierra Designs Tents to get us a 2 or 3 man tent so we can actually go camping. That is something he loves and hasn't really done since we've been married. Surprised?