Massage Day

After two postponements, I finally was able to make my appointment with Amy at the Spa at West Glen. Hoo hoo! The first postponement occurred because my wheel bearing needed to be replaced. The second was due to my getting bronchitis.

Let me tell you how wonderful I feel now. Everyone should at least get a massage once a month (not that I do that but if I had the money, I'd do it once a week). You get so relaxed during and after, it is sooooo great.

Tomorrow I am going to the pain control doctor to hopefully get injections in the joint between the leg and body. Then hopefully, I'll be able to take walks again without those joints burning.

After that I am going to Abby's to spend the day. I am so excited, I've been having Aiden and Mikayla withdrawals. I'm finally feeling somewhat better. Steve's been over twice without me (since I was sick) and was able to hold Aiden.