Abby Had Her Baby

Sunday, July 17Th, 2011, at around 1:45 PM, Abby had Aiden Michael Sleeth, 6 lbs, 15 ounces, 20 inches long. Hallelujah! He had the cord wrapped around his head, so the doctor told Abby to hold off pushing. She then took two clips and placed them around 7 inches apart on the cord, then cut it and the cord fell away.

After he was out, he was placed in the warmer and the nurse was rubbing his back and feet to try to get him to cry loud (to take in oxygen, more). Finally, she put oxygen on him and continued to rub his back. His skin started taking on a more normal color. After a while, they took him down to the nursery to do all the normal things and he was fine!

I cannot tell you what all Abby went through in her pregnancy. A little of it was passing four kidney stones, and terrible back pain. I wished that I was rich and could buy her a new tub fromtubs at bathsofdistinction. They even have some with air massage jets and twin chromotherapy underwater lights. They remind me of the tub Abby had in the hospital. It had lights that changed color, so soothing.

Abby, Justin, Mikayla, and Aiden are home now so all is well and beautiful in the world.