A Trip to Winterset

Yesterday afternoon Steve asked me if I wanted to go see his Mom who lives in Winterset. I was feeling kind of down and didn't really want to go anywhere. Then he asked if I wanted to go get a pizza. That sealed the deal.

Off we went and after filling up the Vue, we drove to the Pizza Hut in Winterset. We had called her first to see if she wanted us to pick her up so she could go with us, but Janet and Gene were making something for her supper already.

We ate a Taco Pizza (my favorite) and then drove over to Mom Manning's house. She was really glad to see us. After we visited for a while, we watched Little House on the Prairie DVD seeing two stories.

This was the first time I'd seen Elsie since she moved back home. None of us like it that she's living there alone. She really needs to be in assisted living. She seemed happy, though, so maybe it will work out.

On the drive home, Steve and I talked about our computers. I'd really like to look into refurbished laptops so Steve can have one of his own. As it is, he uses the old desk top that we've had for quite a while.

Have any of you ever bought a refurbished laptop? Let me know how you like it.