I Can't Get a Break

I went to the hand surgeon yesterday to see what could be done with the spur in my thumb joint. It can be corrected with surgery. They make a long cut on the underside of the hand, cut out a third of the bone, including the spur, then insert a ligament, and close it up. I forgot to ask where they get the ligament from????

I think you then are in a cast for a month. Oh, and he said I would have some discomfort for a few weeks. Some discomfort, my eye. That usually means it will really hurt, right? Oh, forgot to mention the nerve test that they do first.

I had a nerve test done in my leg before. I was unable to speak for quite a while after they finished. Steve asked me in an elevator full of people how I was doing. I just shook my head. I knew if I opened my mouth, I would start sobbing.

No, thank you! Don't want to do that to my hand! Such a deal! Well, have a great day! Halfmoon