Time Together

Yesterday Steve, Heather, and I went to my Uncle Marvin's funeral. It was sad to go to any one's funeral; but, when it is for someone you love, it is heartrending. The service was very nice and my second cousin sang two songs (for his grandfather). I don't know how he could do it, but, I guess I've said that before and Heather and I sang at my father's funeral. You get through it somehow.

Angel (Uncle Marvin's granddaughter and also my second cousin) took a few minutes to share one thought from each of his grand kids. It was wonderful. Some points were made (memories mostly) that had all of us laughing.

The minister then asked if anyone else had a memory of Marvin that they would like to share. All through the service I kept remembering a picture of him holding me in a rocking chair at my parent's home. No one stood up and so finally I did. I told them how I had that picture and Uncle Marvin would come down and rock me to give my parents a little relief. I had terrible allergies and they would have to walk me at night to try to stop me from crying. That picture made me love Uncle Marvin more than anything else he's ever done.

He used to come down and play pool or cards with my Dad. I used to love just watching them and listen to their stories. There were plenty of those! Everyone who knew Marvin Scoular loved him. He was a very loving, helping person. When he and Aunt Wanda lived in Arizona (during the winters), he would help the other people in the mobile home park, too! What a man!

We all will miss him; but, I imagine by now he is playing pool with my Dad, or calling out Bingo numbers (which are probably all gold) to everyone up there! Goodbye and God Bless and Keep you, Uncle Marvin. Say hi to my Mom and Dad, and of course, Denny and his family! Halfmoon

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