Abby and Mikayla

I just had a wonderful afternoon with my youngest daughter, Abby, and my youngest granddaughter, Mikayla Corey. She is eight weeks old today! I was able to give her a bottle for the first time (Mommy's milk, of course), and she took it like a pro.

Being a grandmother to eight grandchildren (and one more in February) means so much to me. It just makes me so proud of my children, words cannot express it truly. Abby and I had a great time to visit and by letting me take care of Mikayla, Abby was able to get a little rest.

She sure is growing fast. Before you know it she'll be sitting up and crawling. She loves to look at the ceiling fans and lights. I need to remember to tell Grandpa that we need a new table lamp. Or at least a new shade for the one by Grandma's chair.

Thanksgiving is a week away, I can't wait! Hope you have a wonderful day! Halfmoon