Lunch with Sue and Wendy

After going to Uncle Marvin's funeral, Steve, Heather, and I met Sue and Wendy for lunch. It was a time to unwind from the stress of the funeral. There was only the service at the church and then one at the gravesite, no get together to see our relatives and visit.

We all had good food (Heather and I split a tenderloin and fries as did Sue and Wendy and Steve grabbed a bowl of chili). Before the sandwiches and soup came Sue and Wendy had some type of fruit dessert on a bed of what looked like cheesecake, all on a type of crust with slivered almonds around it. It looked sinful. Sue offered me a bit and I declined (trying to lose weight, remember?) but it was pretty tempting. Maybe if I were taking top rated fat burners I could enjoy something like that once in a while.

After we ate we all had a great time together. We don't get together often enough. I don't want time to go by and wish we had seen each other more. If it's one thing a funeral does for you, it is making you think about putting life in perspective. Where are your priorities? I know mine are not in the correct order that they should be. I need to make changes in my life about choices I make. Don't we all? Halfmoon