Miss Mikayla

Abby brought Mikayla over two nights ago as she's been crying a lot. Sometimes Grandma can get her to calm down, but not always. Grandpa gave it a try, too, and it worked for a short while.

She loves to look at the light/ceiling fan and just stare. Sometimes that will stop her crying, but again, not for long. I love to rock the little ones while singing the songs my mother used to sing to my kids (and probably to us when we were babies). 'God's Little Candles', 'The Owl Lullaby', 'A Tiny Turned Up Nose', and one that I won't name, but if you're in my family, you'll know immediately which song that is.

Today, I met Abby (and Mikayla, of course,) at the doctor for Ab's six week check-up. It seems unreal that it has been six weeks now. Mikayla was a doll the whole time. Especially when the doctor was there and Abby asked questions about her crying. Wouldn't you know it?

At Abby's house they try white noise to calm the baby down. You know, turning the television on but not on a station, or in the car the same thing with the radio. She also likes the sound of water running (or the vacuum).

Seriously, it would be nice to find a key to helping Mikayla out. The doctor said it is a normal baby thing and not to worry about it. Right! Try that when it's your baby and you're worn out and she won't stop crying. I guess we were pretty lucky with our kids (or it's so long ago that I can't remember it being real bad).

Hopefully, Mikayla will grow out of this phase soon so Mommy and Daddy can relax and enjoy! Halfmoon