Steve II

I spent the day yesterday with Stevie and Jadah. In the morning I stayed in their apartment with Jadah while Steve and Stevie put a new battery in his car and went down to get four new tires.

After that, Steve went back home to get things done on the home front and I took Stevie and Jadah to Des Moines. They treated me to Taco Bell (Yo Quierro Taco Bell!) and then it was off to get groceries.

After a quick dash back to his apartment to drop off groceries and Jadah, we met Steve and drove together to church. It was a different type of service where the pastor had everyone come sit down on chairs on the platform (instead of up in the stadium seats).

Half the time the lights were up and shining in our eyes. The pastor had clips of audio and one video where people from the church gave testimony to what the church has done for them. It was pretty good. Then the pastor said this guy was going to talk for a little while before we close.

It went on FOREVER. Finally at 6:30 p.m. we got up and left. Stevie had to get back for Jadah. I was pretty disappointed by then and a little bit angry with that church. Needless to say, Stevie doesn't want to go back to that one. We had talked him into giving that church a try. What a bummer.

I received an email yesterday that my uncle died. What a way to get the message, huh? Crazy. He is the last alive of my Dad's brother and sisters. All that's left now is us cousins and the wife of the brother that just passed on. So sad. Guess I'll check my emails to see when I need to get the luggage out to attend his funeral.

It's really sad when that is the only reason you get together with your relatives any more. A grim reminder that we need to get together with those we love while there is yet time. Halfmoon