Time With Ab and Mikayla

She is such a sweetheart! It doesn't take much to get her to smile and when she does, it is so beautiful. Steve and I went over to Abby's last Thursday to spend the afternoon with Abby and Mikayla as Justin was out of town.

We visited at their house for a while, then rode with Abby to Walmart for a few items she needed. As we were walking into the store, Abby got a text message from a friend not to shop at Walmart that night as there were going to be some killings there (gang initiations). Well, great, this is just great. It didn't take much shopping to forget all about that message. It turned out to be a hoax, but was a little scary at the time.

I pushed the cart around with Mikayla in her car seat, talking baby talk to her to get her to smile. (I just love seeing it!) At one point a lady next to me started laughing at me. I'd completely forgot that I was out in public and acting a little silly. But Mikayla loved it and that's what is important.

Whenever Steve would talk to Mikayla, she'd duck her head down to the right or left (acting shy). It was so cute. (She did it to me when we first got there, too, but she warmed up to me right away.) It didn't take too much longer, when she'd go to Grandpa without acting shy or crying for someone to take her.

Abby made creamed dried beef (with me talking her through it) for supper. Linda arrived right as supper was ready and we all ate. Yummy! I love creamed dried beef over rice. We had a good visit and the evening was over before we knew it.

Hearing the ads for identity theft protection, I think it would be a good idea to look into it. My bank sent me a new debit card (new numbers) as someone got into their records (nothing occurred with my account, just a little protection for me).

It's a little chillier out today, keep warm and have a good one! Halfmoon