A Day With Mikayla

Wow, talk about being worn out. Abby needed an emergency babysitter, so I filled in for one day. Whew! Mikayla is either teething or had an upset stomach, or both. She was good for about 10 minutes at a time, then the crying would start.

The only thing that would calm her down was if I would walk around, stand at the window, or show her Daisy (all with me standing up). Sometimes I would lean my back against the couch (that lasted about three minutes).

I felt so sorry for her, I wanted to cry along with her. I tried Tylenol and teething gel, with no results. When I would finally get her to sleep, she'd only sleep if I was holding her. Laying her down, meant she'd sleep for 10 minutes, then she would be crying again! While I loved being with her (especially when she was happy), it wore me out.

I told Abby never again until she's done teething. Abby said she was fussy like that the whole weekend (now she tells me!)

My daughter needs to buy new furniture, she needs a hide-a-bed. Her couch takes up too much room and I did warn her not to get a white couch. I've directed her to look at a discount furniture store. Gotta hurry, I have a physical therapy appointment in 15 minutes! Halfmoon