Heather's a little concerned with the baby's umbilical cord smelling. It's been so many years, I cannot remember that far back. It does have a funny smell to it. The nurse told her if it starts smelling to clean it with alcohol.

It has turned sideways, though, so it must be close to falling off. One can only hope, huh? We always cleaned them with alcohol, so that seemed right to me. He's such a little cutie! We sure make cute grandkids. I bet it will fall off tomorrow and we will all forget about it.

What about that economy, huh? The conservatives tell us to pay everything off and stock up on food. The liberals tell us now is the time to buy a house, car, etc. With all the debit and credit card machines around, we'll never run out of money, right? My grandkids think if you run out, you just need to go to an ATM to get more. Just kills me! Halfmoon