The Perfect Girl

I have a son who needs to find a new girlfriend. You know how mothers are, always checking out someone who would be good enough for their sons. Well, I'm one of them! I was in the warm water pool at Mercy exercising with the class when I thought of the perfect girl!

The instructor's name is Jennifer and she appeared to be about the same age as Steve II. I've taken classes with her for over three years (she's not the only instructor, though, so we don't always get her).

While sitting in the hot tub (the icing on the cake) guess who came in to relax, too? You're right if you said Jennifer. After there was a lull in the conversation, I asked Jen what year she was born! Great conversation starter, right? She said "1980, why?"

"Oh, I have a son about your age and I'm always looking for someone for him." We talked about where he worked and where we all go to church. It went very well. Time will tell, huh?  Halfmoon