A Taste of Retirement

With Steve off work, I'm thinking this is what retirement will be like. And, I love it! Very few deadlines to meet, no alarm, do pretty much what you feel like (within reason, money wise).

We've taken quite a few trips to the libraries (Adel and West Des Moines), not to mention going to Heather's with our laptop since we no longer have Internet at home. It is really hard to make a decision about satellite vs dial-up. Well, there's no contest on which I'd like to have; but, speed, that is a different story (not to mention cost).

I was updating my checkbook today (not a pretty picture). I really need to find a source of income that will supplement my current money. I've been putting off filling out the paperwork as you have to write down what doctors you've seen and when you first and last saw them (arghh).

I'm thinking about calling the lawyer and asking if they kept a copy of the papers I filled out for them (should be all there) rather than going through all of it again. What a drag. Then it usually takes up to six months for it to start (if you qualify).

I've been going to Physical Therapy twice a week for a few weeks now. Hurts when you're there and the day after, then you feel better. Of course, then it is time for another therapy appointment. I've been off work over two years now. It's hard to remember when I wasn't in pain. Oh, well, hope you're getting along better than me.

Of course, the highlights of my life are my kids and grandkids. I made a book with pictures of our family. The color isn't always great and it's not as good as Heather's but I'm pretty proud of it. Can't wait to show it to the kids. Have a great day, Halfmoon!