Pato just walked in with Ilojtes for Heather and the kids. Heather's eyes lit up and she got all excited. That reminds me of when Abby was pregnant with Mikayla and she was leading the way to go to a Breadeaux Pizza place that I'd never been to before.

I was talking to Heather while driving behind Abby when all of a sudden she turns left, a block before our interstate entrance. I said, "Where in the world is she going?" Then I saw the Mexican store that Abby pulled into. Heather shouted, "She's getting an Ilojte!" Oh, brother, pregnant women!

Speaking of Abby, she bought me one of those personalized books that I've seen before (for Christmas). She had hopes that I'd fill it all out with stories from my past and give it to her for her next birthday. Well, it took me a couple years, but this year I gave it to her for her birthday and she was soooo happy. She said she had been hoping I'd give it to her this year, but didn't want to harp to me about it. So the fact that I did it on my own meant a lot to her.

Then Heather bought one for Abby so now it's her turn to fill one out. They are really beautiful and will mean a lot one day. Well, that's a lot of talking for today, have a great one! Halfmoon