The Day Before Takeoff

No, seriously, we aren't flying, but we are leaving in the a.m. to drive to Avoca to see my family. It is a big deal to me. It's still not known if Steve II and Jadah or Josh and his family are coming. Steve was leaning toward coming with Abby since she won't be staying very long. Josh is driving home from Florida and probably will have had enough driving by the time he gets home.

Steve is outside digging up the flower bed. It's the little square right outside my main door (I call the back door, but Steve feels it is the front door...whatever). We still haven't decided if it will be a flower or vegetable garden. I do have little tomato plants that are about an inch and a half tall now. I wish we had a little tiller and then we could plant the rows the width of the tiller apart. That way it would be easy to weed between the rows.

I really should be out there working along side him. Steve and I both have been trying to figure out how to reduce belly fat. Maybe if I hold my stomach in while attacking the garden area it would help? Who am I kidding, my back won't allow me to work in the garden at all. Sad, but true.

Can't wait till tonight as Heather, Abby, and I are going to see Sex in the City2. Very exciting for the three of us. The last time we went to a movie together was to see Twilight and it was a midnight showing. At least the showing is at 10:15. I don't know why my girls want to go so late unless it is because their kids will be in bed so their hubby's won't have much to do while they are gone except go on to bed. Anyway, catch ya on the flip side!