My Family Pics

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After months (years?) of complaining to my kids that we need a family picture. We finally got it scheduled. Twice. Both times problems came up and we had to cancel. The third appointment was set and since we had to do it outside due to the size of our family, we kept an eye on the weather forecast for the scheduled day. Let me tell you, it was enough to give me adult acne.

For three days the weatherman said it would not rain until evening. The day before the event, it was to rain early morning and then again in the evening. We had to schedule it for 4:30 as two people worked on Saturdays.

As we were driving to the park to meet family and the photographer, it started sprinkling on our windshield. I sent a prayer up for the Lord to hold the rain off until the pics were done. This was after having Heather or Abby tell me it was raining where they were. Bummer!

By the time we arrived, the rain had stopped! I was so happy. 40 or more pics later and it was finished. Hooray. Mind you, I didn't expect a whole lot since Steve Michal had to try and get 20 people to all look at him at once, especially kids. I think they turned out pretty good though.

Here are pics of my oldest and youngest, aren't they and their families beautiful?