I Think I've Survived

What a night. Yesterday I felt fine in the morning and afternoon. However, around 4:30 on my stomach started rebelling. How can I put it nicely? I spent a lot of the evening and overnight in the bathroom. The rest of the time I tried to sleep to forget it all. Every time I'd wake up with a splitting headache and my tummy rolling, I'd just want to go to sleep again.

I wasn't able to help Steve at all last night. Normally, I type up his report for his IT class (one a week). I love being able to help that way. But, I felt really bad that I couldn't sit up to type anything for him. He's never asked me to, either, but I love to type and I can help him out that way.

This morning (10:00 am) I woke up with the headache again and a slightly queasy stomach. I knew I needed to eat something, but, everything I normally have for breakfast sounded gross! I finally made a piece of toast (slightly burnt), plain, scraped off the burnt and had two bites of it. It still smelled burnt so I threw it away and went back to bed.

I woke up again at 12:00 pm and got up, took two Tylenol, and got into the tub with an ice pack on my head. Get the picture? Still have a headache from ____! By 1:00 I got out of the tub and dressed. Actually felt slightly better.

I know I need to eat something, but nothing sounds appealing that we have here. I wouldn't mind yogurt, but we're out of it. I wish I was back to 100% but just am not there yet.

I thought I'd post pics of the boys and their families. It was so great to actually have my whole family together. Even though we didn't do anything before or after the pics, just the effort everyone made to have a family pic made meant the world to me.

My kids have those participating games (forgive me for not knowing what they are called, Wii fit or fun?) that you hook up to the television and can play or exercise to your heart's content. I wonder if the xbox 360 can be played on it? It has tons of neat games you can play. I wouldn't mind having one here that they could play on.