Enjoying Heather's Family

Heather brought her kids out today to visit and to let the kids run outdoors. We have a nice swing set, a basketball hoop, and a lot of little tyke toys. They came out fairly early so I decided to enlist Kat to help me make some oatmeal cookies.

First, it took me forever to find an oatmeal cookie recipe. I had bought generic oatmeal, so there was no recipe on the box. After finally finding a recipe, Kat and I started tossing in ingredients. I measured, she poured in, and she stirred. What a champ. I asked Heather a question about the recipe and she said, "Doesn't it have flour in it?" When you look at the ingredients, there is no flour listed. However, when you look at instructions, it tells you to add the flour....what's the deal with that? So we guessed how much flour to put in and went on.

After adding raisins and walnuts, we put them on trays and baked. The cookie dough was fantastic. The baked cookies were ok, but not that great. I'd never use that recipe again. Heather said it needed more sugar. I sprinkled some on top of the cookies ready to bake which made them slightly better. Let's just say it makes me not want to cook for a long time.

Heather did cleanup from the cookie making venture, then started in making homemade pizza from scratch. What a girl. The whole time she was here, she had her hands full with Christian.

Jordan was dropped off at 4:00 (by his Dad, who lives in Adel). After everyone had been there about an hour, Jordan held his arms out and said, "I need a hug, Grandma!" I was totally shocked. Usually that is my line. Thus far no one had exchanged hugs, and usually that is the first thing that happens when Heather's kids get out of the car. They run to me and hug me. Okay, the two girls run to me and hug me, I have to corner Jordan to get a hug. Which is why today was really special.

Supper was wonderful. When handing out paper plate holders, Kat claimed the purple one. I gave Alyce the blue one and she said, "Look, Grandma, it's the same color as my eyes!" And she was right. She is my little 'Blue Eyes', beautiful ones, at that! I sent home leftover pizza and lots of cookies with Heather!!! I saved a couple slices of pizza for Steve and I and a bag of cookies for us. Cleanup is done and Heather sailed off into the blue with her little clan.

Steve's in the living room working on his homework (and going crazy). He's in an IT class and it is really demanding. Brings back the days I went to DMACC. He has to look for work at the same time and has to apply for five jobs a week. We're hoping he will be able to find a job soon. Right now he is working on an Excel spreadsheet with the cost of setting up a computer system.

What a fun day! It took Heather about an hour to get my house childproofed (Nano is into everything), but we were both more relaxed when we were able to go outside with the kids. Hope your day was as great as mine!


Heather said...

Where's Nano in the work boots! I love these pics though. I can't believe the apron you made in junior high fits Kat now.

I had a great time too!
Love you!