Tonight Was Great

Heather, Abby, and I went to see Sex in the City2. It's always an adventure when the three of us get together. Only the adventure was before we even got in to see the show. Such a deal. We were beginning to wonder if we would get to see the show.

I had Heather go online to order our tickets yesterday because I couldn't find any times available for tickets. (They had to be in red.) When I logged onto Fandango, none were in red. So Heather went to their site while I was on the phone with her.

There were tickets so she requested three and I gave her my credit card number to order them. The girls would pay me later. That way we'd be assured to have tickets. When we got to the theater, our conformation number came up with the tickets being used already. I gave him the last four digits of my credit card with the same result.

OK, we're all getting mighty stressed! You know what happens to girls when they are super stressed, we all were ready to start looking for the best acne treatments available. If it had gone on much longer that's what we'd be doing. Abby called Justin and had him sign online with Heather's ID and found out the tickets were for last night. Heather swore she put in the right date.

Luckily the manager was there and knew we were being honest. She let us go on in to be seated. Bless her heart. We collectively gave a sigh of relief, got our popcorn, nachos, water, and pop and found seats.

I was pretty surprised it wasn't crowded at all. The show was good, especially the part where Samantha was being held to possibly be put in jail in Abdul (sp?). You'll have to see it yourself to find out what happened (especially when Carrie runs into Aiden in that country!). It's time for sleep. Pleasant dreams!