The Excitement is Rising

I originally planned to go to CB (Council Bluffs) this morning. After realizing I would not be able to be in my whirlpool tub for quite a few days, I decided to wait until Sunday to go. That, also, would make two trips for my hubby to drive instead of three. That will save on gas and his time driving back and forth. My back was hurting at the time I made the decision so it helped me in deciding.

I hate it that I have back problems and it dictates what I can and cannot do. I also cannot just get in my car and drive as the med I'm on really makes me sleepy off and on. I haven't found a way to determine when it will hit me. I just know when it does, I need to go to sleep. I've had it hit me while driving and it was all I could do to make it to the next exit on the Interstate to let Steve take over. This is why Steve doesn't want me to drive to CB on my own. Frustration!

Anyway, we'll be leaving the day after tomorrow for the get together and I am excited. Steve, of course, will be driving. I'm going to the 10:15 pm showing of Sex and the City 2 tomorrow night so I won't be in any shape to drive any of the trip.

Steve has prescription glasses that he uses when he drives, especially at night. They make his eyes feel buggy, though. I told him that maybe the prescription is not right. Maybe he needs to go to a place that sells discount prescription glasses instead of using the ones that make his eyes feel weird. For the time being, he'll have to use the ones he has.

We're only driving to Avoca tomorrow so that's only a 60 mile drive. Well, until the next time we meet, fulfill your dreams!