Remembering Things

Just a little note as I was thinking about my Dad. I remember going for walks with him and holding his hand. I remember him smoking and now I wonder if they were Davidoff cigars? Mom said he smoked cigarettes early in their marriage but now I wonder if that was just a dream I had because he really hated Mom smoking cigarettes.
What I remember the most is him using chewing tobacco. Well, yes, I do remember him having a cigar or two when he fished (I think).

On to remember more recent things. I really am posting this because Heather wanted to see the pic I took of Christiano in Grandpa's shoes (my hubby's). He was having a blast putting them on and we all cracked up watching him try to walk in them. I wish my grandkids could have known my dad. Sadly, he died about five years ago.

I also decided to add a pic taken the day Steve II helped Steve bring the entertainment center to our house. It was also a short amount of time to spend with my granddaughters, Sydney and Jadah, but we had fun!


Heather said...

Ok that is classic! Love love love that pic of Nano! And the girls! And of course grandpa, I miss him too. :(