Diamonds in the Rough

As I've stated before, Steve and I have 10 grandchildren from four beautiful children! We have been blessed.

Taylor is our first grandchild and is from Joshua's family. Shelley and Tay lived with us from the time she was born while Josh was in Marine bootcamp until the time he moved his family to North Carolina. Tay was about one year old by then and I truly grieved when they moved her out of our home to go so far away. When she was four, I think, they moved back to Iowa (Waukee), hooray! She loves soccer. Once she broke her finger clear away from the growth plate, yet she finished the half, though she was in severe pain. She also loves to sing and is now playing the clarinet.

Next was Jordan (from Heather's family). I just love Heather's little man! He is a very sensitive child (as all Heather's kids are). I've been lucky that they lived nearby for nearly three years, I think, then she moved to Ohio. Thankfully, they moved back before her next child was born and live close by now. Jordan loves soccer and is a really good goalie.

Steve II's Sydney is our third grandchild. Born at 30 weeks, she was such a tiny little thing at birth. A little over one pound and 13 inches long, if I remember right. She spent her first two months at Mercy NICU. From birth on, she breathed room air, what a miracle. She's been tiny ever since birth, loves tumbling, and soccer.

Following Syd is Katiana Lynn, Heather's second child. I can't express in words what it means to me to have her named after me (Kathy Ann with a Spanish flair) for her first name and then she has her mom's middle name. She also is a soccer player and boy can she get goals, Atta Girl!!! She was the first grandchild to really come up to me and want me to hold her and gives me such beautiful smiles.

Steve's second daughter is Jadah. Talk about a smart kid. She went from saying single words to paragraphs that you understood. I can't wait to see her wow her teachers when she goes to school. I hope they can keep her challanged so she doesn't get bored.

Alyce is next (Heather's second daughter). Her full name is Maria Alyce named after both grandmothers. We call her Alyce and it is pronounced 'Aleese' (there's that Spanish flair again. My mom's name is Mary Alyce and Pato's mom is Maria. She will be another soccer player, however she loves to dance and sing. I'm hoping she will be another singer like her cousin, Tay.

Carter is Joshua's second child and he is such an adorable little boy. I love it when he talks to me. Most often he runs to the door and opens it for us to let us in. He's always zooming his cars and trucks around the living room. When he's not doing that, he's trying to hug his baby sister. When Steve and I leave, he says "Bye, Grandpa!" Josh thinks he calls us both that.

Mikayla is Abby's first child. She is such a sweetheart. She is jabbering all the time and I catch a word now and then. She's just started potty training and is so cute. She likes to sit on the couch by her grandpa and pretend to read the paper. She imitates her mama a lot. She was pulling dried skin off her finger saying, "Ouch, ouch, ouch" yet she kept on pulling it.

Christiano (otherwise known as NaNo) is a very quiet child (I didn't say he wasn't active, he's just not real talkative around Grandma yet. He does say "I DID IT!" with a yell now when he's done something. What a hoot. He likes to get my broom, mop, and dustpan out, not to mention getting into a few drawers that don't have child locks on them yet.

And finally, is little Cambria, who is almost 9 months old and is very pretty. She has a beautiful smile (as all my grandkids do). I love to watch her smile at her Daddy when he talks to her. Pretty soon she'll be crawling or maybe she'll go right to walking like her brother did.

Those are our diamonds in the rough. A grandparent could not be more proud than we are. Steve and I feel like we are 'rich in family and rich in love'.


Heather said...

Oh Lord, you're going to have my bawling today. We are very lucky! We have such a beautiful family!!!