OK, I went through a lot of nerves, and think I've added a few grey hairs. I had an IV in my hand when the anesthesiologist came in to tell me they were postponing the surgery due to my EKG.

It looked like I had some dead muscle in the right side of my heart (possibly due to an unknown heart attack in my past). Well, great! As if I didn't have enough going against me. I went through the day with trepidation.

Friday, I had the echo (after the tornado scare and we all had to sit in an inside hall or office). My heart is fine. Steve and I spent the day thanking the Lord and praising his name! God is good.

At times like this you find out just how much your family and friends love you. My son, Steve, told me, "When you told me about the EKG, I thought, no, my Mom has a strong heart. There is nothing wrong with it." What a son! You don't know how that made me feel.

All of my kids are troupers, my whole family pulls together at times like this. As if we circle the wagons when there is threat of Indians (in the old wagon trail days). Both my sisters gave me encouraging words and I felt their love strongly through the phone conversations. And my husband, Stephen, what can I say? He has loved me through everything we have gone through and his love shines brightly even when he isn't looking at me. Or is that my love for him???

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and my daughter's blog. We appreciate every one of you. May the Lord richly reward you for calling out to him on my behalf. Kathy