It's Raining Outside

We have had days of rain and the mosquitoes are out in droves. It's that time of year to put the window air conditioner in so Steve's been standing outside in the rain taking the window off and screwing in the support (for weight of the air conditioner).

This morning I was standing under the canopy of the door and a mosquito landed on me, in the rain. It happened twice. Are the mosquitoes looking for shelter from the rain too? I've never seen one in the rain before, have you?

Which reminds me of the house we lived in in Lincoln, NE, when I was in 1st grade. It was a neat old brick home and speaking of outdoor fireplaces, OK, I know I wasn't, but that house had one in the back yard. I can remember Sue and I tearing off the papers of a bunch of crayons, putting them in a tiny pie pan, and fired up the fireplace. It made the neatest color pie! One huge crayon.

Mom wasn't real happy with us, and how we didn't get burnt, I'll never know. Actually the color was mostly brown with a hint of other colors here and there. Way cool! Ahhhh, the memories. Hope you're keeping dry.