Our Stay at Nancy's

While my visit to my sisters was in Council Bluffs, Jackie, Randy, and I actually stayed at our cousin's house (Nancy and her husband Edwin) in Omaha, NE. I didn't realize how big her house was until this visit. Besides a living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room, there are three bedrooms and two baths on the first floor. There's also a 2ND story, but I've never been up there (and a basement).

Now, I love to talk, but when we are at Nancy's we talk 24/7. Seriously, no book reading, game playing, or anything else. Just talking. I do have to say I became closer to Nancy on this trip than I've ever felt. It was great.

Nancy loves to read books as much as, or I should say more than, I do. She really should have a door hanger printing that says 'READ, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!' When I told her I was on my last book, she handed me a new one. Then she told me she has boxes of books in her basement that I could have.

When I run low on books to read I start getting antsy, literally. Then I usually go to the library and check out 15 or more books. As I load them in the car I feel RICH. My Mom read constantly (if she wasn't working crossword puzzles). My two sisters read, my two daughters read and I have one son that reads. Thus far, I have 4 grandkids that love to read and one (Alyce) who was crying once to her mother because she couldn't read yet, her heart was broken.

Such a deal, this legacy of reading. I love it, I love it, I love it. Get a good book today and find yourself transported to a different place and forget about all the stresses in your life!