Do We Have a Fire?

Two nights ago, I was reading Steve's homework assignment when he noticed a smell of plastic burning. I immediately smelled it and started panicking. We went from room to room starting with the crawlspace.

The closer we got to the kitchen the stronger the smell. In my mind I am thinking, "OK, what do I need to grab if there is a fire in the wall, or something? Immediately, I think of our wedding album, my Mom's sewing machine, the sewing machine I bought from Shelley's Dad, my wedding rings (and Steve's), my purse. OK, what if we don't have enough time?

My Mom's machine is upstairs, so is the one I bought. I can just see my husband, "You want me to bring both of them outside????" What do you do if you have a fire, what are the most important things you want to save?

Steve said he thought the smell was a skunk. OK, I've smelt a skunk before, it never smelt like this burning smell. I turned on every light outside and out my hubby went with a heavy duty flashlight. Meanwhile, inside I am spraying this odor eliminator in every room. Then I can barely breathe as the smell of that was too much.

Once we shut the back door, the strength of the smell decreased. What do you ya know, maybe it was a skunk. I hate it when I'm wrong! But, happy that my wiring isn't on fire!

Abby called me last night. They my take a three night vacation in the Wisconsin Dells. As she reminded me, that is where Steve and I had our honeymoon. The area has places geared for parents with small children. She said they can even go horseback riding.

Thought I'd include two pics from my visit at Sue's. The first is my nephew Mike (from Alabama) who had set up a water slide for the kids to have fun. The second is Skip's three kids: Nathan, Benjamin, and Emma! Cute kids, huh?