50 Degrees

Wow, it's a little chilly today.  The weather has been in the 80's so 50 degrees is quite a change.  Steve planted a garden for me and with last night's and today's rain, we won't have to water for a while.

I've been trying to quit smoking and I bought some carmel apple suckers that I've been using in between cigarettes.  It's also helped being cold outside, don't want to stay out there.  Time will tell if I can do it.

Steve said the next time he's layed off, we can start painting the inside rooms of the house.  I cannot wait.  We haven't painted in years.  Since we added the addition, I think.  I saw a neat metal switch plate that looks really cool.  You can get Victorian or other styles.  I really live the Victorian style.

I'd love to get a new patio poured, but in order to do that, we need to jack hammer out the old.  Such a lot of work to do.  Once that's done, the house will really look bad.  It needs new wood here and there.  The foundation needs redone....what is priority?  I know the foundation should be first, but such a cost.   Bummer!