Memorial Day (sort of)

We went to church Sunday and had a guest speaker.  After the service, we drove back home and accomplished a little.  By 6:45 PM, we were driving back to the church.  After getting half-way to Adel, I realized we had not loaded the lawn chairs.  So, we turned around and went back home again, loaded the chairs and ended up about a half-hour late for the bonfire.

The hotdogs were grilled and there were yummy salads and chips to choose from.  Everything was wonderful, most went back for seconds and thirds (me included).  After everyone ate, there were games to play and the kids had a blast, including mine.  Steve even played volleyball with the group.  I sat and visited and then noticed Cambria sitting in the grass by herself.

I asked her if she wanted Mommy and she was tearful and said she did.  She held my hand and by the time we walked over to the volleyball area, I asked if she wanted to swing and pushed her for awhile.  She did, so that's what we did.  Everyone had a great time.  Taylor was held up in the air as pictures were being taken.  (They had one that game, but overall the score was tied one to one.)

I don't think we have any graduations to go to this year.  I was talking to Sue today (Happy Birthday, Sue) and we realized we will have four grandkids graduating at the same time:  Carter, Alyce, Chloey (Wendy's daughter), and  Skips youngest daughter.  Good grief.  We'd better start saving up money.

Are you going to any graduations this year?