Today's Appointment

Josh took me to my appointment for the myleogram at 8 am. I was expecting the injection like where I get them in the low back for my SI steroid injections. It was higher and not quite the same. But as you can see I lived through it. Prayed my way through it, I should say. The worst part was face down and turned upside down. N a u s e a t i n g. They talked me through it. That and having the pressure of the bars on my shoulders where the left arm has pain and you're upside down on that spot. Oh, well. It's over. Josh took me to the neuro after that and am probably going to get the surgery done. Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts and good wishes. :)

As I was walking Jay out to the car for him to go home, I got all teary as it reminded me of me taking Dad places.  I told him that and told him I loved him.  He said, "I love you, too, Mom."