Last Wednesday, May 2, I went to the Iowa Clinic to have an EMG done of my neck, arms, and hands.  I will say that it was not much fun.  The result was the pain in my arm, back, elbow, comes from the neck.  The doctor showed me a model of the neck bones, nerves, etc.  Apparently my trouble comes from the C8 area.

I didn't watch what the doctor did but knew he was inserting a needle that was attached to wires.  Once he put it in place, he turned some type of energy on and it would jolt the nerve, which would be caught on his screen so he could tell which nerves were operating correctly and which ones were not.

It's amazing the type of medical equipment they use to find problems in your body.  I looked at the needle as he placed in in my right hand (the next to the last time).  It was close to 2 inches in length and I said, "Boy, I'm glad I didn't see the size of that needle before we started."

The doctor said he only inserts it about a quarter of an inch.  What to believe?  He did it about 28, maybe 30 times and the most painful was in the area about an inch below the thumb.  Whew.  I'm glad it's over with.