My Job

I started working two days a week for 4 - 5 hours those days.  I scan letters, labs, etc., into the computer into patients accounts.  My next door neighbor, Sheri, used to have this job and when she went back to her old job, she recommended me to her employers.

I absolutely love the work.  I'm back in a room where they Xray people occasionally.  So, I don't have to deal with anyone around except when Xrays need to be taken.  Then I step outside the room till it's done.  The doctor, PAs, and nurses I work with are really great.

I'd like to get a couple sets of nursing scrubs to wear as they are more comfortable than casual wear.  Right now I'm off for a while, maybe until I have surgery on my neck.  Then, when I feel good again, I am supposed to call them.

They may have me come in less hours than now as they are watching money spent.  Apparently, getting all new  computers and scanning equipment made a large debt for the office.  I don't mind getting less hours.  Any hours at all gets me out of the house for a while.  Also, I'm able to pick my days and hours so I can work with the tiredness the meds I'm on give me.