Beautiful Weather

It's the first week of May and the weather has been outstanding.  We had a very short winter this year and that is all right with me.  I hate the cold weather.

I've spent a lot of time outside sitting at our old picnic table reading good books.  I have an addiction to reading fiction.  When I run low on books to read, I go to the library and check out way more books than I could possibly read in 3 weeks.

It's so nice out I've wished I could clean out the inside of my car and apply some leather protector.  Since I have leather seats, I really need to take care of them to keep them in good shape.

We have had rain off and on, but normally it's been at night.  Steve mowed the yard yesterday and it looks really great.  He applied grub worm killer a week or so ago as we have moles or something digging underground in our whole yard.  Makes me angry.  They even burrowed through my little garden.

We'll see if that works, it's said the moles stay in areas where there are grub worms as that's what they eat.  Little creeps!