A Good Deal

Have you ever had an addiction to shopping? I have never been one to spend money (thanks, Dad), but once I found out how to coupon, it was all downhill from there. I was getting makeup for less than a dollar each. I was getting juice for $1.25. I got hair dye for 28 cents! I would receive gift cards in one purchase, and use them 2 seconds later in my next transaction in the same trip. I got some amazing deals, and more than 4 months later, I still have shampoo, conditioner, ketchup, and other items that I haven't even used yet. The problem was, I got addicted to it. The rush of getting a good deal felt so good! I would drop the kids off at daycare, go to the store, then go to work. Every day. It was bad. If I was in a really good mood, my coworkers would ask, "What deal did you get today?" They knew my good mood was because of my good score. It is like when I found an English Horn.   Now, mind you, the coupon wasn't for a french horn, but just finding a great price on one is awesome.

When you love music like I do, singing, at least, finding a great price on an English Horn is an awesome find.  My brother, Josh, used to play the French Horn, wonder what made him stop.  I wished he still played it.
        Anyway life started getting busier, and I was getting a little burnt out trying to maintain my speed and efficiency. I gradually gave up, doing less and less until I completely stopped cutting the coupons. I feel less stressed, but am also sad that I don't feel that high any more. I know it is for the best, though. If I could just find a happy medium...
Until Next Time.