I Hate Being Sick

Two nights ago I started feeling like there was water running down the back of my throat.  Steve, my hubby, had been taking Emergen-C for over a week, fighting being sick.  I started sneezing over and over, then having to blow my nose.  Puffs Plus, where are you?

I finally took a Benedryl as we didn't have any Sudaphed.  And I took one packet of Emergen-C.  After about two hours, I started feeling better.  I need to buy stock in Emergen-C.  The Benedryl was expired but it must have helped some.

Steve remembered I had drank out of a water bottle that was his, probably why I got sick.  Thanks a lot!
He just called me after he went to the doctor (finally).  She gave him a prescription for an antibiotic.  Yay!

Here's hoping none of you have this crud!