The Sermon

I went to my oldest son's house yesterday around 3 PM.  I knew we wouldn't be having a Bible study because he and his youngest were going to a Daddy Daughter Dance.  But, he wanted to share with me a DVD he had of a friend who was actually preaching at his (the friend's) church.

Amber made us chocolate chip banana pancakes and eggs which were yummy.  Felt like a surprise in every bite.  By the time supper was over, Jadah and Steve needed to get ready for the dance.  So, Amber, Sydney, and I watched the DVD.

First I was surprised by the equipment this small church had.  A piano, a guitarist, and what I thought were a great set of drums.  The music was wonderful and it just went on an on.  The musicians were very good, so in all that was a pleasant experience.

Makes me wish my family had been all involved in music.  My hubby on guitar, my two daughters singing, and Josh on the drums.  Not sure what Steve II would play as he never played an instrument in school.

The sermon, although it was very good, made me know I would never go to their church.  People screaming out during the whole sermon.  And I mean screaming.  I'm sure God could hear you without you screaming.  One lady, I thought was really into it.  Just a little too much for me.  But, I know God loved the music.  We'll leave it at that.