Music Is In Our Blood

If you know me, you know that I love to sing.  Not only at home, but, if I'm in the grocery store and someone says something to or near me that triggers a line in a song, I start singing it.  Well, that is until Abby was old enough to warn me not to as we walk into the store.  Then when it happens we just look at each other and burst out laughing cause she knows I REALLY want to sing that line.

The other 3 kids never told me that I embarrassed them when doing that.  I think they just got used to it.  I sang a few times in church (Heather and me), was in the choir at 1st AofG, at my Dad's funeral, and in my niece's wedding.  Really, I'm not that great.  Both of my daughters sing better than I do.  My voice was a lot better when I was young.

Heather actually had a microphone and a sound system to sing with.  She actually had a full music scholarship to go to Drake.  I didn't realize how beautiful Abby sang until she and Heather sang a song in the backyard together.  She's pretty shy about singing in front of people, I think.  Heather sings with confidence (her voice).  I'm hoping some day she'll do a song at church (when she gets the nerve up.)

Now my granddaughter, Taylor, and grandson, Jordan, are singing in school choir.  Sydney sings too, I think.  I can't wait to see this new generation bloom in song.

Heather played the clarinet and piano; but, she could pick up any instrument and play it.  Taylor plays the clarinet now or base clarinet, I can't remember.  Jordan wants to learn how to play the guitar.  My husband plays chords on the guitar and Jordan wants Grandpa to teach him.  Josh played the drums when he was young.

Heather and I took piano lessons at the same time.  I would always play songs first in front of my family, then let Heather play as she was so much better than me.  I've always wanted to have our family be a band, playing and singing together.  Oh, well, maybe my grandkids will do that!