Yesterday morning, I woke up nauseated, then a headache started.....and on.  I won't get specific, but you know how bad it can get.

At first, I thought it was the soup I made the night before.  Then, Steve came home and said his stomach felt bad, and he hadn't had any of the soup.  So we both spent the evening feeling ill.  This morning, I'm still nauseated.  After I ate breakfast, I felt better, but now it feels like it's returning.

I've decided I want to invent something.  After all, I thought of windshield wipers on the back window before VW brought them out.  I also sent a letter to Crisco regarding putting it in sticks like butter.  Never heard from them.  Then they came out with the butter flavor in sticks.  Not fair.

I'm not sure what I'll figure out but I'll probably need bending machines from here.  You know, to bend the form into the right shape.

Do any of you have things you thought of first?  Now they actually have sites you can go to to get help with your invention.  Man.